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What people say about coaching with Tracy…

“It is very difficult for me to try to relate into words my experience regarding Tracy’s coaching and what it has meant for me and my life. I’ve been coaching with Tracy for almost a year now, and the changes that have taken place both personally and in my business life are so remarkable that, looking back into this period of my life I cannot do anything but rejoice in the process, growth and the results. Tracy is a person for whom love is not her second nature but her only nature, and her sensibility and insight are so developed and magnified that sometimes you wonder how she can be so aware of your feelings and maybe even if she feels them more than you do. The good news for us is that through this insight, she can help us in a deeper way, guiding us on our way to profound changes that really improve our lives and our results. Tracy is a real gift to my life.” – Ismael

“I’ve worked with Tracy for 22 months and my life has been transformed far beyond my previous imagination. I’ve gone from being a desperate prisoner of my own mind to living a life of freedom and hope. Tracy is helping me see that I always have the answers I need, I just have to look inside and listen to the guidance that’s always there. I am beyond astonished at the mind-body connection and power it gives toward growing spiritually.” – Keith

I have been blessed to have Tracy as my guide on my journey for the last few years. Tracy is supportive, honest and loving…and the work is intense. Profound, life-altering…and magical this journey taken me to places (literally and spiritually) that I did not think possible at one point in my life. I quipped that the work is like “spiritual acupuncture” in that it is designed to keep one beautifully aligned…and perhaps that is a good way to describe what in many ways is indescribable. For those who want to do the work…and who are willing to do the work, I cannot recommend her more highly. -M

“Tracy is the best consultant I’ve hired. Her appetite for knowledge is voracious.” – Shannon Munford

“I hired Tracy to be my personal and career coach. Over the course of our 6-7 month relationship, she orchestrated a personal and career transformation for which I am incredibly grateful. Tracy is a highly skilled, intuitive and effective coach. In fact, having her work with me (and our results) were so powerful that I decided to go back to school and pursue my professional coach certification (after practicing tangentially for 12 years myself). I would recommend partnering with her for taking your life or career to the next level.” – Tammie Wieloch

“Working with Tracy James is a continual revelation. Through my sessions with Tracy over the course of the past several years I have shifted huge energetic centers that were causing me to repeat patterns that had been moored since childhood. Now that I am learning to shift the energy, not only am I having better days with a more positive outlook, my relationships and my interactions with other people are remarkably better. Even within a couple months of sessions, facing my patterning with Tracy as a guide and sharp magnifying glass, I am able to see myself with the kind of clarity that most people never have the ability to, through a lifetime of standard therapy. Just this summer alone I have shed two skins, built in, unhealthy, energetic layers that were holding me in places I had to outgrow for my health and those around me. To have the blessing of working with Tracy to break through those layers and have her teach me to listen to my heart and utilize the body’s energy for growth, has been nothing short of a miracle.” – db

“Tracy James has been a powerful, inspirational force in my life. Her love and wisdom is like a laser, cutting through the noise and getting straight to what has held me back. Her ability to tune into to my specific energetic blocks is mind-blowing. The growth and transformation that I have experienced with her has been nothing less than amazing. She has helped me transform my health, relationships, career and countless other areas of my life. If you are needing a loving, street smart, spiritual healer and coach who will also take stand for who you are and who you are meant to be, then Tracy James is the only one you need to bother calling.” – Jeffrey Platts, Coach, Facilitator, Writer. www.jeffreyplatts.com

“Tracy is an exceptional coach. She can tune into energy 3000 miles away on the phone in ways that few people can do in person. She has helped me deal with some significant emotional issues as well as kept me moving toward my goals. For example, with her help and support, I was able to attract my first relationship in 18 years. I highly recommend Tracy to anyone who is committed to living a meaningful, fulfilling life.” – Ted

“Tracy led executives and managers in a powerful workshop of coaching exercises designed to help them create more balance in their lives. The participants were so moved by her that we are planning to bring her back and conduct more workshops for larger audiences within our company!” -Amy S., Capital One

“Tracy has made a huge impact on my personal and professional life. In starting my business, I have been faced with many of my own internal obstacles that “took me out” in the past. Tracy has helped me “get my old self out of the way” so that I can experience success and grow as an individual. She has a wonderful gift in truly sensing what is going on behind the words – just an incredible intuition. She has taught me so much about living on a more spiritual level where my life unfolds to a certain extent versus living according to a rigid plan with my old blinders on. The learnings from my time with Tracy are helping me to enhance not only my business but my personal relationships. I’m so grateful that I know her and can work with her! ” – Kristy Lindquist

“Tracy James is, in my humble opinion, one of the most level headed and balanced human beings I’ve ever had the good fortune to meet. Her keen insight, focus and gentle way of working with this student has been proven to be a unique and tangible benefit in my life. I am a task oriented results yielding type of personality and I do not have the will nor patience to experiment with anything that doesn’t pay off for very long. Within weeks of working with Tracy I began to see measurable changes in my life. Her ability to bring into focus things that had previously been obscure and unobtainable leads me to conclude that she truly is one of those rare individuals who is really gifted with insight. I wish I had that kind of vision and practical knowledge but I don’t and I am very lucky to have a growing relationship with somebody who only asks me to look where she is looking and the solutions to problems with very deep roots keep showing up. The result is a kind of personal freedom and budding self confidence that I always wished was within my reach…now it is!” – Dennis

“Tracy’s natural skills are enhanced by years of experience and study of the paths to personal growth, healing, enlightenment and enhanced self-esteem. I am always thrilled to have the opportunity to refer Tracy to my family, friends and associates. The progress toward joy and peace, with Tracy’s insight and support, is wonderful to experience both for her clients and for the people around them. You will be amazed at the speed with which your life will change as Tracy helps you get in touch with what you really want and shows you the fearless process of expanding your horizons to attract a great life.” – Peter Schlossberg, Realtor, www.peterschlossberg.com (a Tracy James Groupie)

“I thank you so much for all the guidance and support you provided. Your insight and encouragement enlightened my journey’s path!” – Steve J.

“Tracy, there are some people touch our lives and change the course of our “river”. Your awareness of life, flow & energy will impact the most spiritual and the least spiritual person alike. I treasure your help, wisdom and love.”– Oscar

“Coaching with Tracy has helped me organize my mind, gain confidence and realize that I don’t need to do this alone. The coaching continues to help me attain my goals by incorporating things I’d never thought of or knew to include on my own.” – Norm