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Tracy James M.A., CPCC

You may have experienced Tracy’s compassionate and direct coaching style on the television show Decision House, or in her retreats or tele-classes.  Tracy is an emotional-intuitive, applying a metaphysical approach to increase her clients’ access to their own inner knowing and sense of clarity, presence and peace.

Tracy specializes in the area of energy psychology and has developed powerful techniques to support her clients through the profound transformations they experience. Working with Tracy involves moving beyond disempowering patterns to live in greater clarity and trust in intuitive guidance and the wisdom of the heart. Tracy is passionate about uncovering effective mind-body-Spirit oriented approaches and works with tools such as hypnosis, the plant medicine ayahuasca, meditation, shamanic techniques, and a process for emotional-energy metabolism she terms The Being Method.

Tracy is also very drawn to the cultivation of authentic and heart-centered leadership particularly for those in the arts, business, and political arenas.  She enjoys facilitating leadership-development experiences, particularly in sacred spaces like the Amazon jungle.  Tracy’s passion is to support those committed to evolving to and leading from higher states of consciousness, body awareness and love.

Tracy spends extensive time in the Peruvian Amazon, apprenticing with indigenous shaman.  There she has facilitated over 25, 12-day Amazonian retreats as well as traditional plant dietas to bridge westerners with the ancient wisdom of indigenous shamans. Tracy loves bringing psychological and mind-body approaches to support the work of traditional shaman who utilize plant medicines and indigenous energetic healing techniques.

Tracy has partnered with Lucine Eusani, M.A, M.Phil, RYT to write the book Journeying with Ayahuasca.  Tracy and Lucine have also co-founded AyaIntegral to provide retreats and metaphysical life coaching.  Their work serves as a bridge between indigenous amazonian shamanism and body-mind balancing techniques such as yoga and meditation. This integration of powerful eastern and western spiritual technologies offers a unique path to profound personal and spiritual growth. The effect is alignment of heart, mind, body and spiritual essence, igniting the dormant visionary, leadership and creative capacities in each person.

Pursuing her childhood interest in travel and cross-cultural communication, Tracy received her B.A. in International Relations from American University.  Her Masters Degree in Professional Counseling Psychology from The American School of Psychology at Argosy University as well as her training and certification from the Coaches Training Institute and The Hypnosis Motivation Institute, give her a strong background in personal development, and extensive experience in the technologies of human transformation. Tracy is an incredible ally for anyone seeking to transcend emotional blocks and addictive patterns.

Tracy loves to travel, spending extensive time in sacred places around the world.  You can also learn more about Tracy’s programs in the Amazon by visiting her retreat website www.ayaintegral.com